Fall 2015 Photos

The mountains I see from my windows are the San Juans, the largest mountain range in Colorado by area. There are 28 named peaks in the range, six of them are among Colorado’s 53 “14ers” — greater than 14,000 feet (4267m). They San Juans are considered “highly mineralized” (which explains all the mines around here), and it gives them some spectacular colors. It also gives them some absurdly picturesque small former mining towns, like Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride. I do most of my landscape art photography in the San Juan range.

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Fall 2012 Photo Tour

It took awhile between the decline of film (I put my old “good” camera away some years ago) and the “jump point” for digital.

The jump point is the place on a graph where the line representing the quality of digital imaging keeps going up and up, and the line representing the ever-decreasing price for that quality, cross. Where the two subjective lines cross is the point where I “have to” jump back in. I’m not sure exactly when they crossed, but they did, and I jumped! I grabbed myself a beautiful Canon SLR and a lovely piece of Canon glass (which most people call a lens).

After “playing” with it awhile (read: getting used to how it worked), and noticing we had exquisite fall colors this year, I waited until the weather was jusssst right, grabbed my bride to come along for the ride, and headed out:

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Early Photography


Just Another Communications Medium

I’ve always enjoyed communications, not only as a writer, but also as a photographer, publisher, even talking on the radio (both broadcast, where I’ve been interviewed many times, and on “land mobile” radios — while working as a sheriff’s deputy, street medic, or just on my ham radio. More on those aspects, here.)

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