Blizzard of 19 March 2003

Hot Tub
Hot tub

Tuesday evening, Randy clears off the hot tub — which is under a roof! Note how the snow is so sticky it’s building up on the vertical post and privacy screen. It built up that much again before the snow stopped.

Out the Office Window
Looking out the window

The snow is quite sticky — it’s really loading down the trees. Note how much is piled up on the car, even though it was sheltered by the trees (the snow came in from the north, which is to the right of this shot, so the buildup is greater on that side of the trees).

Through the Front Window
Through the Window 2

Note the tracks going up the street. A neighbor tried to get home this morning, but couldn’t get up the gentle slope. The streets were plowed Tuesday afternoon.

Knee High to a Grasshopper?

A plow came by and did our street (but not the cross street where the neighbor lives) — and left quite a barrier at the end of our driveway — up to Kit’s chest. My 4×4 might be able to bust through it, but I’m not going to try if I don’t have to.

Basketball hoop full of snow

It’s wild how much snow can fit into a bottomless net! We’ve been told the snow has an 8:1 ratio — 8″ of snow melts down to 1″ of water. That’s quite wet.

The Back Yard
The back yard

The scene in the back yard (north side of house). That’s not a dog house; it covers a pump. Note how heavy the clotheslines are! As you can imagine, there have been a lot of cases of power and phone lines snapping from the weight. The weird yellow patch to the right is the side of our garden shed.