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Fall 2015 Photos

The mountains I see from my windows are the San Juans, the largest mountain range in Colorado by area. There are 28 named peaks in the range, six of them are among Colorado’s 53 “14ers” — greater than 14,000 feet (4267m). They San Juans are considered “highly mineralized” (which explains all the mines around here), and […]

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Winter 2014 Photos

I needed a quick break. What I wanted to do meant getting up at 4:30 so I could be in place as the sun rose. Hard for a guy who normally sleeps from midnight to 8ish. What a conundrum! But I did it, and it was worth it: (more…)

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Fall 2012 Photo Tour

It took awhile between the decline of film (I put my old “good” camera away some years ago) and the “jump point” for digital. The jump point is the place on a graph where the line representing the quality of digital imaging keeps going up and up, and the line representing the ever-decreasing price for […]

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My Dad, Larry Cassingham, 1918-2007

John Lawrence “Larry” Cassingham died on December 23, 2007 — the day after his 89th birthday. These are the remarks in eulogy by his four children, made in birth order, and several of the photos that were shown at his memorial service, held on January 12, 2008. (more…)

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Clancy: a Writer’s Cat

I got Clancy in 1990. It was right about the time I divorced my first wife, and he was around a year old. He loved to be with me as I sat at my computer, writing. If it was too warm to be in my lap, he’d park himself on the back of my chair, […]

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My First Published Science Article

My writing specialty when I got started was explaining technical and scientific topics for lay audiences, which served me well when I applied for a “tech transfer” job at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (Tech transfer: publishing — “transferring” — JPL’s basic technical research to industry or the public.) This was written for a class in […]

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Blizzard of 19 March 2003

Hot Tub Tuesday evening, Randy clears off the hot tub — which is under a roof! Note how the snow is so sticky it’s building up on the vertical post and privacy screen. It built up that much again before the snow stopped. (more…)

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A Personal Announcement

Randy Cassingham and Kit Riley Happily Announce Our Marriage, on September 21, 2001 The events of September 11 affected us all in different ways. For us, it was significant introspection. September 17th, we decided that as we proceed into an even more uncertain future, we should face it together as husband and wife. We married at Brainard […]

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Jerry Olivieri

Jerry Olivieri 23 July 1962 – 23 October 1999Comments by Randy Cassingham at the 29 October 1999 memorial service for Jerry Morales Olivieri Jr. (more…)

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SFO’s Mini-Ambulance

California: The Mini-Ambulance by Randy Cassingham Every time we go to the airport these days it is jammed. Everyone is in a hurry to buy tickets, catch planes — everyone has a place to go, a person to see. Suddenly, someone drops. A crowd gathers for a quick look before they hurry to their planes. […]

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